The Assessed Value of the MBA Programme by its Alumni – The Case of the Former German Military Officers

  • Sebastiaan Derksen Hochschule Kempten - University of Applied Sciences, Professional School of Business & Technology, Kempten
Keywords: MBA, Management, Alumni, Alumni Management, career, Military Officer, Military Officers


According to its proponents, an MBA programme can improve one’s mana-gerial and business competencies, knowledge and skills, and thus one’s ca-reer chances in business. Worldwide many people make at least one or more career switches during their careers. Every year, among them are ap-proximately one thousand German military of-ficers who make the career switch from the German army to business. In light of this context, this study focusses on the issue, whether the MBA programme does actually fulfil its proponents’ “promises of improvement” for its graduate students; former German military officers in particular.