Displays in Food Retailing - An evaluation from a sales perspective


  • Martin Göbl Hochschule Kempten - University of Applied Sciences, Professional School of Business & Technology, Kempten
  • Lorenz Diederichs


marketing, management, mba, retailing, food retailing, sales, sales management


Marketing literature has previously and repeatedly outlined the positive sales effects of displays in food retailing. Therefore, its increasing usage and space allocation is not surprising. Although the promised sales increases of more than 400% should result in even higher usage rates. So the question is if sales and store managers are mismanaging their stores or if a more differentiated evaluation of displays in food retailing necessary. This paper addresses the benefits of displays in food retailing from a holistic perspective, evaluating its overall profitability for stores rather than just sales effects. Additionally it compares displays from a product category’s perspective.