New Challenges in the Area of Supply Chain Risk Management: Unpredictable Events and Their Effects


  • Kevin Lohner-Moeslang


How important are SCRM and joint approaches for companies, and do they have established reasonable KPIs in their organisations, if recent events had such a tremendous effect to their SCs?

The basis of the study was a survey specifically designed to collect data from German supplier companies operating in the special machine building segment, which was distributed to company professionals employed for specific roles within their supply chains.

The results of this study show that supply chain risk management is generally a management tool that attracts a lot of attention in companies. In addition, it was found that the identified collaborative aspects are taken into account with varying degrees of intensity, so that general applicability cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore, different correlations to the associated sub-activities were found whereby the focus clearly lies on greater flexibility, efficiency and improved dynamics. Eventually, it was found that key performance indicators are almost exclusively based on financial-based measurement systems and that a shockingly large number of companies have not even established them.